Top 5 weight loss rules for men

By TNT Bureau

Dec 15, 2017: In the current era where overweight has become one of the critical health issues, losing weight is now the number one priority for men across the world. Nonetheless, failure to achieve weight loss often strike impatience among the male population thus, letting go off their goals and eat all the unhealthy stuffs all over again.

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With the top 5 weight loss rules for men, it is time to lose weight in a quick, natural and efficient way.

Pay attention to calcium

Nutritionists have found that calcium-rich foods help you stay fit and help to prevent colon cancer and osteoporosis. You need to drink at least 2 to 3 cups of milk per day.

However, too much calcium can increase the risk of prostate cancer in men. The disastrous number seems to be 600 mg on a daily basis from dairy products rich in calcium.

Follow the guidelines to gather the advantages of calcium minus the potential risks

  • Do not take high-dose of calcium supplements until and unless it is extremely important .The fat-fighting properties of calcium are set in motion only if you get hold of it from real foods that are healthy.
  • Opt for low-fat dairy products equipped with vitamin D like fat-free yogurt and milk. Vitamin D provides protection against prostate cancer.
  • Accelerate your home-gland safety by consuming a tomato salad which is loaded with prostate-protecting lycopene. You can also opt for olive oil that consists of a cancer-fighting fat known as beta-sitosterol and even mozzarella cheese which is rich in calcium.

Make a strong and complete plan

It is important to have a plan and sticking to it is all the more essential. The more customized your plan is according to your likes and dislikes, the better it will be. The top plan can be a mixture of these eating habits mentioned below

  • Eat foods that are based on lean protein source such as eggs, meat, dairy and fish.
  • Eat at least 6 small meals per day rather than three heavy meals.
  • Both high-fat and low-fat diets may work; however one that cuts entire fat should be condemned.
  • You can?t become overweight by eating whole grains, vegetables and fruits. As against this, no one has ever died by saying no to rice, popcorn, bread, pastas and potatoes.

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Fried food items should be completely ignored

A thing that each weight-loss investigator will agree with is that extremely refined carbohydrates like low-fiber breads and fructose-sweetened beverages should be avoided as much as possible.Fried food causes the blood sugar to spear as soon as you are finished eating your fries. Such food items are also known to cause hunger pangs.

Recently, researchers revealed an alleged carcinogen known as acrylamide foods like french fries, potato chips etc.

Make use of Omega-3 Fats

Every year we get to know about the nutritious benefits of omega-3polyunsaturated fats. These are commonly found in nuts, fish and fish oils, seeds and flaxseeds and so forth.

These nutritious benefits?a reduced amount of of heart disease and diabetes, for instance?are excellent on their own. However omega-3 fats help to provide men with a sexy physique as it helps to reduce inflammation within the body. This not only aids in prevention of   heart attacks but also facilitate faster muscle recovery from your gym sessions.

Larger, less-inflamed muscles mean a quicker metabolism, and pacing up the metabolism is vital if you wish to achieve weight loss. If you don’t consume fish twice a week and can’t digest the fish-oil supplements it is advisable to eat eggs that are loaded with omega 3 acids.

Include good fiber in your daily diet

You get to experience a more reliable energy supply and less between-meal hunger. The only probable disadvantage is that you won’t get as much reading done in the bathroom. What gets reduced is your blood sugar at the front end increase things up at the back end.

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