Top 6 calorie-burning foods to boost your weight loss

By TNT Bureau

Oct 6, 2017:  It is indeed true that cardio and weight training can certainly boost your calorie burn however merging your exercise with specific calorie-burning foods can render enhanced result. In this discussion, we will be talking about top 6 calorie-burning foods to boost your weight loss.


Pepper can aid you in burning calories quicker. It also aids your body in extracting all the nutrients from the food you consume. The shell of pepper consists of a potent nutrient known as phytonutrient that helps in speeding up the breakdown of fat cells.

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Celery has extremely few calories and when you exercise you automatically burn more calories than you guzzle. It typically contains nutritional fibre and water and keeps your belly full and satisfied.


A cup of coffee an hour prior to a workout will not only increase your metabolism but also boosts your calorie burn. Consuming coffee can be a brilliant way to get an additional energy out of your body’s reserves throughout physical activity. The fat in your body increases your activity so you actually burn more body fat.

Chia seeds

Since Chia seeds are loaded with  fibre, protein and omega 3 fatty, it helps to boost metabolism and also trigger glucagon, a hormone that burns fat. You may as well as add chia seeds to your yoghurt, salad and oatmeal.


Fishes such as  tuna, salmon and mackerel are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids that provide your metabolism an added increase. The omega 3 has an impact on leptin, a hormone that helps in controlling how fast you burn calories.

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Adding avocados to your salad or smoothie helps in burning your fat.  It consists of  monosaturated fats that can boost your metabolism and assist in calorie burn.

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