Top 6 tips that promote healthy eating

By TNT Bureau

June 16, 2017: In order to promote healthy eating habits, you need to adapt the following tips and bring about healthy changes that you always wanted. These tips have come about as an ideal solution for maintenance of good health.

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Opt for poultry and lean meats with no skin

It is advisable that you eat only 6 ounces of lean meat, fish or poultry on a daily basis. Additionally, get into the habit of removing off all the visible fat from poultry and meat before cooking. Avoid eating organ meats such as brains, kidneys, sweetbread and liver as they have high cholesterol content. You should stop eating processed meat items. Majority of them are extremely high in saturated fat and sodiu

Pick fish over meat

Oily fish such as sardines, salmons and mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can help prolong one?s life. It is highly recommended that you grill, bake or boil the fish rather than frying it. Do you know that fish contains low saturated fat? So, the next time you head the market, pick fish rather than meat.

Read food labels

It is time that you start reading nutritional labels to make better and healthier food choices. Here, it becomes important to keep a watch on key terms- ?free? indicates least amount of nutrient, ?low? means some quantity of nutrient and ?less or ?reduces? means that the particular food item contains 25% less of that nutrient as compared to the standard version of the food.

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Go for low-fat dairy products

If you are in the habit of drinking whole milk and/or use full fat dairy products, it is suggested that you switch over to fat-free milk and dairy products that are of low fat. Choose skim milk and low fat cottage cheese.

Avoid sugary beverages

Soft drinks and high concentrated fruit drinks contains a lot of sugar and does no good to the body. In fact, such sugar-filled drinks not only make you feel and bloated but also accelerate weight gain at a rapid speed.

Stay away from ?too much? salt

It is true that sweets aren?t healthy option but even excessive salty stuffs should be avoided as much as possible. Make it a point that you eat less than 2,300 grams of salt per day. If you have high blood pressure, reduce the amount to 1500 grams per day. Salt is known to cause bloating of the body. Hence, choose foods that read ?reduced sodium?. Instead of salt, you can use herbs and spices and even salt-free seasoning mixes that help in providing good and natural flavors to your food.

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