Top 7 herbs to reduce high blood pressure

By TNT Bureau

Dec 5, 2016: Are you one of those who are in a lookout to reduce high blood pressure? Then, it is sure that you want to put a permanent stop to the upsetting side effects that can happen your blood pressure becomes just too high.

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High blood pressure is often termed as hypertension is known to cause a wide array of health issues such as heart failure, heart attack, vision problems, kidney diseases etc.

Regrettably, most of the people simply do not count these threats as something dangerous and take them very lightly in fact. Also, the medications that they take to reduce blood pressure are found to have severe side effects, causing all the more harm to their bodies.

Medication alone will not help

In order to reduce high blood pressure, most of the doctors are often seen emphasizing on healthy lifestyle and ways on how to maintain the same to ensure enhanced health. Hence, it is extremely essential to follow some healthy and nutritious diet plan and yes, you need to incorporate exercise regimen in your everyday lifestyle.

In addition to the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet, formulated at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLB), a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), people who suffer from high blood pressure can add other measures at home that are designed to help lower their blood pressure.

Herbs that aid in high blood pressure reduction

Below is a list of 7 herbs that are popular and already in use in kitchens across the world. The best part of it all that these herbs can help you reduce the intake of medication and most importantly, lower down your high blood pressure.


Olive which is one of the staple foods of the Mediterranean diet is known to reduce blood pressure. This can ideally be one of the reasons as why most of the residents of this area have good health.


This herb is loaded with wide varieties of healing properties that also includes reducing blood pressure and combating diabetes. In a research where the participants were asked to ingest a water soluble form of this herb was found that have experienced considerable increase in the antioxidants that are helpful in reducing high sugar and blood pressure levels.

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In a research, 20 people suffering from acute hypertension were asked to consume this herb for a period of three months. After the completion of the period, it was seen that the blood pressure levels of these patients reduced in a significant manner.


A study conducted on an animal subject revealed that a compound carvacrol which is present in this herbs helps to reduce systolic and diastolic pressures, arterial pressure as well as cardiovascular diseases.


In a study, around 79 people suffering from type 2 diabetes were asked to consume 1200 mg of hawthorn extract for a period of 16 weeks. After the completion of the period, they experienced significant reduction in their diastolic pressure.


A study which was published in the journal Nutrition revealed that antioxidant flavonol quercetin found in onions help to reduce systolic pressure as well as diastolic pressure among human beings.


A study which was conducted at the Clinical Research Center New Orleans revealed that allicin which is found in garlic helps to reduce acute cases of high blood pressure.

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