Top 9 reasons to start practicing yoga

By TNT Bureau

July 14, 2017: The popularity of yoga is increasing with each passing day. This therapeutic method that originated from India has now become a household name and a number of people are reaping tons of benefits from it. And now, it is your turn.

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If you are still confused, below is a list of top 9 reasons to start practicing yoga that will surely motivate you all the way. It is indeed time to do something good for your body by incorporating yoga at the earliest.

Welcomes all with open arms

Yoga is private to a person. It is not spirited and most importantly there is no correct or incorrect method to do it. Moreover, it does not distinguish on body type, gender, fitness level age etc. Whether you are an active or an inactive individual, yoga has something for everyone.

Self consciousness

As soon as you lie on the ground to relax your jaw rests start to open up while your knees splay to the sides. This is why yoga is amazingly meditative thus aiding you to keep the spotlight on yourself. You also get to learn as to how to work with the body through slow and deep breathing practices. This thoughtful aspect suggests that yoga helps to ease anxiety and stress.

Low intensity levels

Yoga is calm, peaceful and you don?t need to exert much pressure as going to a gym. It is a low intensity workout that provides benefits not only to the body but also the mind and soul.


In yoga, you need to use your own weight in order to perform resistance training which in turn helps in strengthening each and every area of the body.

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Do it anywhere and everywhere

All you require is some space on the ground and a yoga mat and you are good to go. You can do the downward dog pose in the park, beach and even in your bedroom. There are loads of pictures of people practicing yoga in such places all over the internet. You just need to give some good amount of priority to yoga and you will experience healthy changes within a short period of time.


Yoga is remarkable for flexibility. It awakens all the minute muscles in the body which means that within a short period of time, you might as well do the splits. Yoga aids in discovering the movement your body is actually competent of.

Do it on your own sweet time

You can take out time for yoga as per your convenience. It is an incredible way to quietly awake yourself each morning and also it feels great to unwind before you hit off to sleep. Whether you do yoga for 2 minutes or an entire hour, you will reap benefits of yoga accordingly.

It is reasonable

In order to practice yoga, you don?t need to spend huge amount of money at all. You can always go online where you can grab hold of tons and tons of valuable information regarding yoga. So, what you waiting for? There are lots of sources from where you can obtain information on yoga so, no excuse whatsoever. Do start off with yoga at the earliest.


With the mixture of core strength and introspection comes constancy and enhanced balance.

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