Top health benefits of ghee

By TNT Bureau

Nov 28, 2017: Ghee or clarified butter is an amazingly flexible ingredient which is free of sodium, carbohydrates and sugar. It is loaded with healthy fats. It is considered a completely sattvic food in ayurveda , promoting positivity and spiritual expansion.

Ghee helps in reversing the effects of aging and boost longevity. In ayurveda, it is regarded as one of the ideal fats of them all.

Nourishes the body

Ghee has a distinctive, fragrant, nutty flavor that smells amazing! Especially while cooking. The wholesomeness of ghee itself allows it to infiltrate and nourish the body as it passes through the lipid membranes of cells.

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It doesn’t need to be refrigerated because it contains no milk solids. As long as it isn’t contaminated, it has an indefinite shelf life. Some mixtures have been known to last over 100 years! It’s an easy substitute for butter that has compulsory properties for health and weight loss.

Storehouse of good fats

Ghee is extremely rich in good fats. Fat tends to have a bad name in most of today’s world, but healthy fats help preserve cell membrane structure, enabling correct immune system function and nutrient amalgamation.

Enhances mental health

This leads to the unbelievable effect ghee is said to have on mental health. Ghee can restore balance to the mind and enhance brain function. Contemporary scientific research is now revealing that negative feelings are chemical in nature. Antique cultures have been telling us that for years: the mind and body are one.

Improves digestive health

Have you ever felt sluggish or bloated after eating oily food? Unlike many other oils and butters, ghee greatly improves digestion by stimulating the secretion of stomach acids. This helps boost the absorption of other nutrients, including the vitamins present in the ghee itself! Moderate, long-term consumption of ghee can help treat ulcers, acid reflux, constipation, heartburn and other digestive issues. With its light nature yet high content of vitamins, athletes can employ ghee as a reliable energy source.

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Improves skin health

Ghee is good for skin health.  It helps to promote a healthy glow from the inside out. It helps to keep mucous membrane and skin cells healthy and prevent cell damage. One serving of ghee contains around 1,418 units of vitamin A, which is 28% of the recommended daily consumption.

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