Top health benefits of samarpan meditation

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June 19, 2017: Are you bogged down by career, family and other issues? Do you think that life has come to a standstill? Are you in a lookout for permanent solution to relieve stress? Then, it is highly suggested that you try out samarpan meditation.

A number of counselors and psychologists recommend meditation in lieu of medicines for people who suffer from mental woes. So, why not start off with a good meditation practice such as samarpan meditation?

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What  is samarpan meditation?

Samarpan meditation is a kind of meditation that aids people in discovering universal awareness and attach with it. With the legendary Shivkrupanand Swami as its profounder, this meditation is also known as Baba Swami.

Samarpan is a Sanskrit word meaning to surrender. Here, you are required to need to surrender your entire negative thoughts and feelings that are connected to you in every aspect be it present, future as well as past. This will help you in rising above the boundaries of physical survival as you get connected with your soul. It arouses the kundalini energy which is an important life force.

Samarpan meditation is for those who wish to override the boundaries imposed by physical survival and complications of life without having to undergo any drastic change in the lifestyle.

Unlike other forms of meditation, samarpan meditation is comparatively easier to practice. Also, the meditation is not limited to any particular religion.

You can start off with the meditation in the current living conditions and can be practiced by male and female. A number of people have felt the benefits of this meditation and now it is your turn.

Benefits of samarpan meditation:

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Melts away mental worries

Samarpan meditation allows you to rise above the boundaries of everyday life. You reside less on unconstructive and negative frustrations and feelings that used to haunt your mind in the past. Also you get less exaggerated by sad memories of the past and reside less on them as well. On the whole, this meditation helps you in driving away your negative feelings while restoring positivity all around you

Great stress reliever

Practising samarpan meditation for a long period of time offers physical benefits as well even though such benefits may not be noticeable on an immediate basis.

When you practice samarpan meditation regularly the mind becomes free from all kinds of negativeness, stress and depression. Chronic stress leads result in the onset of a variety of disarrays thus contributing to ailments that affect the nerves.

Stress is also responsible for driving a number of people to severe addictions such as smoking and alcohol. Getting rid of stress helps to bring out the best in you in the most positive manner possible. You become all the more energetic and automatically you strive towards a healty lifestyle.

Practicing Samarpan meditation helps in making you feel happy and positive all the way leaving behind the woes of everyday life. Ultimately, this result in recovering your overall social life .The positive energy gets conveyed to the others you blend with.

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