Top healthy food trends 2016

Feb 29, 2016:  For the fourth consecutive year, award-winning food safety entrepreneur, natural products industry veteran and chef, Mareya Ibrahim, aka The Fit Foodie, has released her top food trends for 2016.

1)  Inspiralized  veggies

How do you get more veggies onto their plates? Spiralizing is the secret weapon for the health-conscious cook?it transforms your favorite vegetables into pasta-like noodles. Delicious raw and crunchy or cooked and savory, this technique is sure to grow in popularity in 2016.

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2) DIY Globowls

There is no doubt that the popularity of ethnic foods among U.S. consumers has been skyrocketing over the past few years, and there is no sign of it slowing down. Bowls can be a universal, one dish offering that are portable and deliver a macronutrient-balanced meal. Take a trip around the globowl, no passport required.

3) Brinner

Brinner entitles you to enjoy breakfast for dinner, giving food service professionals and home chefs the flexibility to serve up their favorite meals more frequently. Additionally, brinner offers creative ideas for elevating breakfast options with a wider variety of savory ingredients that can drive profits.

4) Muffin-pan mania

As fast food restaurants continue to supersize their meals, it’s becoming increasingly important to exercise portion control at home. Preparing food in a muffin tray is a surefire way to scale back super-sized portions. So grab a muffin pan and indulge in anything for a guilt-free, perfectly proportioned bite.

5) Sprouted  grains

From tortillas to crackers and other foods otherwise known for their ’empty carbs,’ sprouted grains can promise heightened nutritional value, great taste, and decreased guilt.

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“With the spotlight shining on the food industry brighter than ever, driven by consumer demand for transparency, many are turning to sprouted grain products not only because they are nutritionally superior, but also minimally processed.”

6) The next new super food: Maca root  

Maca, a member of the radish family, is known for its ability to improve general health, balance mood, and increase energy. With a mild taste and subtle earthy flavor, Maca can boost nutrient density in a variety of foods, from baked goods to soups. Add maca to your next dish and let it do its magic.

7) The next ‘IT’ veggie: Kohlrabi

It may have a funny look and name, but this ‘versatile veggie’ will take over the reins as the next King of veggies. With only 27 calories per 100 g, Kohlrabi offers a subtle, sweet flavor accompanied by a pleasing texture.

8) Have a ball

Last but definitely not least, you can expect an array of healthful ‘ballin’ goodies in the upcoming year. From snacks to desserts to mealtime, consumers can enjoy what they love in a smaller sized package.

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