Transcendental meditation effective in reducing blood pressure, finds study

By TNT Bureau

June 27, 2017: As far as lowering blood pressure in a natural manner is concerned, there are a number of lifestyle alterations that can be made. Exercising regularly, eating healthy foods and reducing stress are all effectual ways that help to decrease blood pressure.

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Now, according to a study, transcendental meditation is one of the most natural and soothing ways that is effective in reducing blood pressure.  Yes, it is time to meditate in order to keep your BP under control.

All about transcendental meditation

Transcendental meditation requires you to sit in a comfortable position and then you need to close for about 15 to 20 minutes. Doing this twice daily will help you in gaining benefit both for body as well as mind.

The study suggests that transcendental meditation is efficient in reducing blood pressure as it produces telomerase which is an enzyme associated with blood pressure decrease.

Earlier studies exposed the varied benefits of meditation right from dropping stress to even lessening stomach problems .This study headed by Dr Robert Schneider worked to demonstrate the benefits of transcendental meditation on blood pressure.

Stress is a recognized issue for high blood pressure and hence reducing it is the main factor in reducing hypertension. Furthermore, high blood pressure is a risk factor for heart diseases.

Highlights of the study

For the study the investigators scanned 48 black-Americans who were suffering from high blood pressure. Half of them were taught transcendental meditation while the other half was given education on lifestyle changes that might help lower blood pressure such as   exercising, eating well, weight loss etc.

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After completion of 16 weeks both the groups saw a noteworthy reduction in blood pressure and telomerase expression which is an enzyme that aids in elongating chromosomes and boosting telomere function.

Dr Schneider said that the report that telomerase gene expression is augmented, and that this is linked with a decline in blood pressure in a high-risk population, advises that this can be a mechanism by which stress decline improves heart health.

The findings are very hopeful for avoidance. They demonstrate that both the transcendental meditation as well as active lifestyle alteration can add to heart health.

Further research to verify findings will involve a control group and include a bigger amount of participants. The study shows that not only is lifestyle alterations helpful to improving high blood pressure but transcendental meditation might also be an effectual way to help heal the chromosomes by producing additional telomerase.

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