Treatment via iPhone and Apple app

By TNT Bureau

Feb 3, 2017 Are you an iPhone users? Then here?s a good news for you. You can get medical attention faster than ever. Apple Health apps have not been promoted with much fanfare since its debut, but iPhone gadgets are picking up as a trend of having an impact on the future of doctor visits and getting faster treatment.

The Apple apps and the iPhone devices do a lot?from helping to identify a child?s ear infection to fixing an appointment with a doctor.

CellScope’s Oto Home device

CellScope’s Oto Home device ($79) is device that looks like a regular otoscope that doctors use to look inside a patient’s ear. It can be attached to the iPhone’s camera and capture video of the ear canal. The clip can then be sent to a doctor via email (for $49 fee), for him to diagnose and provide a prescription on demand. The gadget can also share data with the Health app so that the doctor can see a running history. The device is only available in California now. The manufacturer of CellScope’s Oto Home device anticipates a greater rollout in the second quarter of 2015.

Swaive: Intelligent in-ear thermometer

Another gadget called the Swaive is an intelligent in-ear thermometer ($79) and syncs up to Apple’s Health app via Bluetooth to keep track of body temperature over time. The device not only monitors the health of a sick person but can also serve as a tool for measuring temperature when trying to get pregnant (fluctuation often indicates when a woman is ovulating). Readings from a user’s profile are sent to Apple Health when they are recorded, which can then be sent to doctors.

Apple app AmWell

For those who don’t want to visit a doctor in person or don’t have health insurance, the iPhone can help. An app called AmWell helps you connect with doctors 24/7. Physicians who are a part of the AmWell network provide real-time feedback, diagnosis and treatment for $49 a virtual visit, with printable receipts available for insurance reimbursement.

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