Try these five meditation apps and choose the right one for you

By TNT Bureau

Mar 10, 2017: Our busy lifestyle can leave us feeling anxious, stressed, and unhappy. Meditation is an excellent stress-buster, and can make you calm and happy. There are innumerable meditation apps that can make you feel better. For example, a meditation app can be like your personal trainer in your pocket. But there are so many meditation apps going the round that you will need some guidance on how to choose them.


A popular meditation app Headspace was ranked No. 1 based on user satisfaction. The app offers a 10-day free trial, taking you through the foundation level, called Take 10. Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk, and founder of the app, will guide you through. For $7.99 you can access the entire app, but only after you complete the foundation level.


Whil targets companies who want to bring focus and productivity to the workplace. Whil offers personalized, goal-centered training programs for each employee. The companies can choose from four options of training—the teen-focused ‘Grow’, the adult-centered ‘Thrive’, the Google-born ‘Lead’, and ‘Move’, a yoga program to exercise the mind and body. Each training option has a number of programs, adding up to hundreds of sessions. Additional sessions are available for relieving negative emotions and boosting positive ones, and sessions for improving sleep as well. Whil allows each employee to track his own progress. The sessions designed for individuals are completely free.


A ‘meditation timer and tracker,’ Sattva aims at more experienced and autonomous meditators. It does not offer sessions designed for beginners. On iOS, Sattva integrates with Health app, pulling information about your heart rate and blood pressure. The app is also available on Apple Watch. You can opt for a “Quick start,” program or a “Guided meditation,” or a “Chant.” Before and after the sessions, you can measure your heart rate with a simple tap. You can download most of the meditations and chants for free. Sattva calculates the total number of minutes you have spent meditating, tells you when your last session was, and much more.

Smiling Mind

The Smiling Mind aims to bring mindfulness to schools. The sessions start by asking you to assess your mood based on three criteria—happiness, contentedness and alertness. The app sends you back into the world with a smile on your mind. The app offers three modules—Smiling Mind for Wellbeing for adults, Smiling Mind in Education, and Smiling Mind in the Workplace. The adult program has 10 modules, and a total 42 sessions. Smiling Mind offers programs for children of various age groups.The app is completely free.

Stop, Breathe & Think

This app invites you to check in by closing your eyes and dimming the screen for a few seconds. It will then ask you to assess how you feel. Breathe offers a much wider range of feelings to choose from, and harnesses your input effectively than other apps. You can select up to five feelings from five different categories—from very happy to very sad. The sessions are a combination of meditations, breathing exercises, yoga, along with acupressure videos.

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