Try these foods that help reverse effects of aging

By TNT Bureau

Feb 10, 2017: Researchers have found that a certain compound help reverse the effects of aging by improving metabolism, boosting energy, and improving insulin sensitivity. This compound is found in some fruits and vegetables.

Studies at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have shown that ingesting nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), which are produced naturally by our body, has a positive, anti-aging effect on animals. The success of the study encouraged the researchers to do trials on humans.

The animal study revealed that older mice that drank water supplemented with NMN saw improvements in metabolism and energy reserves. However, this water did not affect the younger mice because our NMN supply diminishes as we age, so the older mice needed the supplement.

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NMN is found in fruits and vegetables like avocados, broccoli, cabbage, edamame, and cucumbers. However, it does not mean that if we binge on vegetables, we will live forever because the supplement that the mice drank was much higher in NMN than vegetables have. And we cannot eat enough vegetables to replicate the exact effects of the study. But “eating these vegetables may have some accumulative effect on the neuro-body connection,” says study author Shin-ichiro Imai, MD, PhD, a professor at Washington University School of Medicine.

Some food with NMN

  • Tomatoes
  • Avocados
  • Edamame
  • Broccoli
  • Cucumbers

B vitamin–containing foods

NMN is a derivative of niacin—vitamin B3. B vitamins are important for energy and to boost our metabolism. Some niacin-rich foods are peanuts, mushrooms, and fresh green tea.

Carotenoid-containing foods

The phytonutrients found in orange and yellow fruits and vegetables like oranges, squash, carrots, and orange bell peppers can improve your skin’s vibrancy and stop collagen breakdown. Some antioxidant-rich fruits are raspberries and pomegranates.

Omega-3–containing foods

In the aging process, we can see an uptick in inflammation, but eating foods rich in omega-3s can help prevent that. Good fats are found in almonds, seeds, fatty fish, and olive oil that help to reduce inflammation.

Mediterranean diet

Studies have found that a Mediterranean diet has the capability to reduce the rates of cognitive decline and lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Mediteranean diet, which includes olive oil, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, etc helps increase memory and concentration.

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