Try these yoga mudras to control road rage

By Think Natural Today

Dec 18, 2017: While driving, do you get irritated when the road traffic moves at a slow pace? Do you fail to control your anger when a driver in a car in front of you makes a wrong move or a car overtakes you? Some people may curse and abuse, while others get out of their cars and take up a fight. If you are also in the same state of mind and fail to control your anger on the road, it is time to sit back and take notice of your mental status. Some yoga asanas are really effective in calming you down, and enhance your inner peace.

Shaktichalini mudra

Regular practice of this Shakti mudra has a calming effect on the entire body. This brings you long term peace and stability. It has an intensifying effect in the lower chest area. It increases the immune system which makes the entire internal system activated and extremely healthy.

This posture helps you overcome anger and frustration, and enhance your energy level. Sit in padmasana (Lotus position), and inhale air forcibly and hold a tight Mula Bandha. In Sanskrit, mula means root, and thus Mula Bandha is the root lock. Close the right nostril with the right fingers (Shanka mudra). Now swallow the air as if you are swallowing food and push it down towards the naval. Do this swallowing 4 to 5 times. The exercise has a good effect on your sleeping pattern. After some time of regular practicing of this mudra you will notice your sleeping hours have gradually improved and intensified. 

Unmami mudra

Concentration and focus are very important to learn or do any mental task. Mindfulness is a simple technique that will help you to reach high levels of concentration and focus. Mindfulness improves your brain power.It also helpful to restore your focus and concentration. Mindfulness help you to live in the present moment and learn new things.

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This mudra helps to calm the mind, and takes you deep into the meditative state. In the process, it takes you out of stress, and calms the mind. Sit in padmasana and focus your mind on the area between your eyebrows, which is also known as the third eye area. You mind should be clear of thoughts, and you should focus on this point for some time.

Deep breathing

When you are stuck in traffic, or you are angry about something while driving, do deep breathing. Focus on your breath and take long, deep breaths. As you breathe in count five and then again count five while you exhale. Slowly, try to make the exhale longer than your inhale.

Mushthi mudra

This mudra also helps to release pent-up emotions like anger, frustration, and irritation. Clench your hands into a fist, keep your thumb on the other fingers, and hold this mudra for five to ten minutes.

This mudra is the combination of vayu mudra, shoonya mudra, soorya mudra & jalodara nashaka mudra which decreases all the four elements there by solving the problems of the excesses of the four elements namely vayu, akasha, prithvi & jala. The agni affecting soorya mudra generates heat and energy in the body.

Ksepana mudra

This mudra calms you down, and it will be easy for you to then let go. This mudra is good in beating depression, and also helps to release pent up negative energies and toxins from the body. Put your palms together, all five fingers should meet. Keep your index fingers together and bend all the other fingers in such a way that they are intertwined. Now point this mudra downwards.

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