Try this 10 minute yoga series to boost your metabolism

By TNT Bureau

Dec 4, 2017: If your metabolism is weak, and you want to boost it, yoga can rescue you.Yoga is a therapeutic system that helps you stay away from stress, keeps you fit and healthy, increases the metabolism in your body, and keeps you active and energized.Try this 10 minute yoga series to boost your metabolism.

Dog split pose

  • Begin on your hands and knees. Align your wrists directly under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips. The fold of your wrists should be parallel with the top edge of your mat. Point your middle fingers directly to the top edge of your mat
  • Stretch your elbows and relax your upper back
  • Spread your fingers wide and press firmly through your palms and knuckles. Distribute your weight evenly across your hands
  • Exhale as you tuck your toes and lift your knees off the floor. Reach your pelvis up toward the ceiling, then draw your sit bones toward the wall behind you. Gently begin to straighten your legs, but do not lock your knees. Bring your body into the shape of an “A.” Imagine your hips and thighs being pulled backwards from the top of your thighs. Do not walk your feet closer to your hands
  • Step both feet together. Then, with your arms and legs straight, inhale and lift your right leg straight back and up, high in the air. Flex your right foot and reach back through your heel
  • Internally rotate your lifted leg so your knee and the top of your foot point down toward the mat. This will cause your right hip to lower slightly. Reach back further through your right heel and then draw up again through the back of your thigh.
  • Keep your standing leg strong and your shoulders squared to the top of your mat. Imagine that your hands and heels are aligned along one straight, diagonal line
  • Press the floor away from you as you lift through your pelvis. Firm the outer muscles of your arms and press your index fingers into the floor. Draw your shoulder blades into your upper back ribs and toward your tailbone. Broaden across your collarbone
  • Keep your standing leg firm. Sink your standing heel toward the floor
  • Align your ears with your upper arms. Relax your head, but do not let it dangle. Gaze between your legs or toward your navel
  • Hold for 5-20 breaths
  • To release, exhale as you lower your right foot to the mat and place it next to your left foot. Repeat the pose on the opposite side

Knee to nose pose

  • Begin in down dog pose
  • On an inhale lift your right leg to the sky for 3-Legged down dog.  Keep your hips and shoulders square to the mat
  • As you exhale begin to shift forward into Plank Pose by stacking your shoulders over your wrists.  Simultaneously bend the right knee and bring the knee as close as possible to the nose or forehead.  Keep your hips lifted and pull your naval in towards your spine.  Stay here for the entire exhalation or hold for several breaths
  • Inhale the right leg back to the sky for 3-legged down shoulders and hips square to the ground
  • Lower the right leg back to down dog on the exhale
  • Repeat steps 1-5 on opposite side

One legged prank pose

  • The body is parallel to the earth
  • Straight arms and the active toes of one leg support the weight of the body. The other leg is extended off the earth and reaches to the back with active toes
  • The abdomen is pulled up towards the spine and the pelvis is tucked. The neck is a natural extension of the spine and the chin is slightly tucked
  • The palms are flat and the elbows are close to the side body. The joints are stacked with the wrists, elbows and shoulders in a straight line
  • The gaze is down following the straight line of the spine

Yoga burpee

  • At first keep your feet together and make a squat down position. Then put your arms on the ground in front of your feet
  • On the next step you should keep your feet together and get ready to jump back that you can land in a push up position. Now bend your fore arms and perform a single push up at this position
  • After that jump your feet back in earlier position and beneath your body and then leap up into the air
  • Finally, land on smoothly in a quite manner and bent your legs.
  • Now repeat these steps again to practice it as long as you can

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