Uddiyana Bandha or upward abdominal lock

By TNT Bureau

Nov 21, 2016: Within the yoga practice, there are several “locks,” or bandhas, that work to support, structure, and soften any given pose. The belly lock, also known as uddiyanna bandha, involves accessing and understanding the musculature of the abdomen. Accessing these muscles is essential in almost every single yoga posture.


  • Uddiyana Bandha massages all the organs in the abdomen.
  • It tones the adrenal glands and balances its function.
  • It improves digestion by increasing the digestive fire.
  • It helps to remove stress and tension.
  • It improves the function of the liver and pancreas.
  • InUddiyana Bandha, the air is held outside. The upward movement of the abdominal muscles also massages the respiratory system. Practicing of Bahir Kumbhaka (external holding of breath) can systematically improve the lung capacity.
  • It also has effect on the heart and improves circulation of blood throughout the body.


  • First, you need to stand with your feet away from each other and your eyes open. We would recommend that you practice the Upward Abdominal Lock with your torso curved forward, knees bent and your hands resting on your knees.
  • Now, inhale through your nose, and then exhale forcibly. Contract your abdominal muscles to allow air to release from your lungs.
  • Now, relax your abdominal muscles while expanding your rib cage, but don’t inhale while doing so. Further, try to lift your abdominals toward your spine.
  • Finally, try to hold the bandha for 10-20 seconds and then, release the pose while inhaling as you normally do. Perform at least 5-7 rounds.

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