Understanding mental health in new ways with digital technology

By TNT Bureau

May 27, 2016: As digital technology continues to advance, you might be able to understand mental health new and better way through your very own smartphones. Right from machine education to improved mobile abilities there is more chance to place ideas to test with digital technology these days.

With the declaration of Apple’s ResearchKit in March 2015, medical professionals and developers are working to expand applications that influence the functionality of the smartphone to assist in research.

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Digital technology and mental health

At present time, about 1 out of every 5 adults undergoes mental illness that equals to 43.8 million people. From depression to nervousness to other mood troubles, health experts have predicted that mental health cost will increase with each passing year.

Beyond mental sickness and disposition disorders, mood is an significant factor of life. We strive for wellbeing of body and mind.

Top 4 trending mental health apps

Eliza: This IBM Watson-powered app monitors speech to decide a person’s mental state. You simply need to say Eliza as to how you are feeling, and it calculates sentiments to aggregate data and proffer insights.

Saker: This app helps to tracks your gait to test how scared or anxious you are feeling.

Autism & Beyond: This Duke University app employs facial recognition technology to assist in early-stage autism screening.

Quartet: Quartet has developed a combined behavioral health podium that aggregates data and check trends between behavioral and physical health, associating patients with a medical provider, evidence-based advances and personalized plans.

What to expect in near future?

Other than the applications already in the works, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has come up with Mood Challenge that focuses on Apple’s ResearchKit functionality to pave way for solutions to the mental health industry. It is obvious that the technological framework exists to carry on inventing more healthy mental health apps for users, while monetary interest remains brawny.

Through innovations in smartphone technology and abilities of cognitive learning in technology, it will be possible to learn more about mood a goal that can aid a number of people each year through technology you hold in your hands daily

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