Valuable ayurvedic ways to improve digestion

By TNT Bureau

Aug 17 , 2016: Do you feel pain accompanied by heaviness upon elimination? Do you experience inexplicable headaches and chest pain? Do you often feel tired but face sleeping disorders? These are warning signals of a poor digestive system.

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Ayurveda to the rescue

As against the popular removal diets endorsed by mainstream media and contemporary Western science, the earliest, 5,000-year-old therapeutic method of  India  ayurveda suggesting  certain health-improving  nutritional and lifestyle practices that require not be stopped after a particular period of time.

People in the West often think of digestion as being completely different phenomenon. However, ayurveda sees it as intensely tangled. When digestion is most favorable healthy elimination will follow in a natural manner.

Having resisted a number of digestive challenges all your life, it is time that you opt for ayurveda and you will definitely get to experience better and quick results. Read on to find them all out.

Be an early riser

The primary law of nature as per ayurveda is that of the 5 grand elements that include earth, water, fire, air and ether. These unite to form bio-forces known as doshas in the whole universe and withinour bodies as well.

Vata dosha is one of the doshas that consists of air and ether elements. The personality of air is to move and vata dosha iis concerned about movement within the body

The sages of prehistoric India to whom ayurveda is thought to have been exposed examined that vata dosha is at its peak between 2 to 6 am.

Ayurveda suggests that should wake up between 4 to 6am, for its spiritual contact, and since vata dosha moves in a descending and external action within the body all through this time, which permits us to to eliminate in an easy manner.

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Drink warm water

In Ayurveda there is a concept known as agni which means digestive fire. Ayurveda compares the digestive ability to a bodily fire. A person extinguishes the fire after consuming cold water on the other hand warm water stimulates digestive fire that supports elimination.

Avoid consuming salads

So often hypes as one of the typical healthy foods, salads in fact upset the elimination process. This is because eating cold uncooked and raw veggies as salads is not easy for the digestive system.

Consuming raw vegetables worsens vata dosha. When vata dosha is exaggerated for a long period of time it results in the formation of 80 diverse diseases. To keep vata dosha in a balanced state is extremely important in ayurveda.

Therefore, the science of ayurveda suggests that you eat warm and oiled foods. Such foods are great in supporting the digestive system which aids in balancing vata dosha. Adding some amount of oils to the salad is helpful and recommended.

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