VaporFi electronic cigarettes

By TNT Bureau

Jan 13, 2016: VaporFi electronic cigarettes have quickly emerged as of the best e-cigs available in the market today. The same company that owns this electronic cigarette is also the owner of South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke.

However, VaporFi is different. They have now come up with a vast amount of good quality vapor setups and are keen on becoming the most popular and major online retailer of electronic cigarettes.

The company said that after months of ordering electronic cigarette starter kits, having the e-cig specialist test them and position the results, we finally completed and have introduced VaporFi e-cigs intended to promote healthy smoking among chain smokers as well as smokers in general.

VaporFi has an immense range of 8 diverse e-cig models, from the conventional cig-a-like to a massive mod that resembles a sci-fi prop; they seem to have it all.

One of the greatest highlights here is none other than the e-liquid. Not only do they offer a large collection but they are also providing a feature that allows you to make your own flavors by mixing existing ones. To top it all, there have been a lot of positive reviews about this e-cig.

The VaporFi vice starter kit is one of the newest additions to the VaporFi’s array. Claiming influential sub-Ohm vaping abilities in a smooth, compact and extremely simple to use design, the vice starter kit is an awesome device for those who are in a lookout for good options as far as vaping is concerned.

The Vice tank comes with an air flow control to aid in the regulation of its tightness as you suck into the cig. It also comes with a battery that has the ability to vape all day on a full charge. The best part of it all is that you can get hold of this amazing kit at the most reasonable price rate of $99. 99.

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