Vitamin C can help to reduce symptoms of cataract

By TNT Bureau

Aug 7, 2017: According to a research, consuming foods with high vitamin C content may help in slowing down the development of cataract, the eye disease known to cause blindness.

Impact of diet and lifestyle

The research was carried out at Kings College in London headed by professor Chris Hammond who is a renowned ophthalmologist.

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The research focused on the overall impact of diet and lifestyle as well along with genetics on the expansion of cataract with progression in age.

During the study, the researchers scanned over 324 of the 1,000 female British twins who were enlisted in the Twins UK registry after ten years. They were asked questions linked with their consumption of nutrients such as manganese, vitamin A, B, C, D, E , zinc and copper.

Also, the images of their lenses were examined with the help of digital imaging.

The result

It was found that those who ate foods containing lots of vitamin C levels were 20% less prone to develop cataract. The 324 pairs of twins who were scanned for ten years consumed lots of fruits and veggies, and hence they had 33% less risk of developing cataract.

Hammod said that while none of us can’t avoid getting older, smoking and diabetes are also associated with the development of cataract. Hence a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle normally should decrease the risk of requiring a cataract operation.

The study was also linked with influencing the relation between environment and genetics with the expansion of cataract. It was discovered that environmental aspects like lifestyle and diet were accountable for 65% of difference in the cataract succession.

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Meanwhile, only 35% of disparity was responsible for by genetics. Kate Yonova-Doing, the co-author of the research said that vitamin C cannot be produced by our bodies and thus we are automatically dependent upon foods that contain high levels of vitamin C.

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