Want to quit smoking: The hard way vs. the easier way

Apr 21, 2017: When it comes to quitting smoking, there’s a hard way and an easier way. The hard way involves quitting cold turkey with no overall plan and hoping for the best. The easier way involves Black Note.

The easier way: Black Note

Black Note is a lineup of tobacco vaping liquids that actually tastes like real tobacco. That alone is a stand-out in an industry that often relies on synthetic colors, flavors and additives in the making of e-liquids. Black Note uses only real tobacco and a nine-step creation process that spans from growing the seeds to extracting tobacco’s natural flavor to use in our liquids.

While our creation process may be extensive and complicated, our mission is straightforward and simple:
To help create a smoke free world by providing
the most authentic and enjoyable alternative to smoking.

How can it help?

Black Note can help you quit smoking by providing a smoking alternative that doesn’t require giving up real tobacco taste. Instead of reaching for a cigarette, you can reach for real tobacco vaping liquid. Since Black Note lets you choose nicotine levels that range from 18 mg to 0 mg, you can also gradually decrease your nicotine intake until you’re at 0 percent. When nicotine is no longer part of the mix, it can be much easier to quit smoking as well as vaping.

What can I do next?

You next move is another easy one. Check out our six distinct tobacco blends and choose one that suits your personal taste. Or go for a sampler pack with one of our Notebook selections. Your next step is as easy as grabbing a bottle of Black Note today!

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