Water can be your secret weapon to fight obesity

Oct 12, 2017: Water can be the potential secret weapon in the fight against the ever-burgeoning waistline, finds a study. According to researchers, drinking water that contains no carbohydrates, fat or proteins, which are key factors for obesity, may help avoid overeating and thus lead to a healthier weight.

“Staying hydrated is good for you no matter what, and our study suggests it may also be linked to maintaining a healthy weight,” said lead author Tammy Chang, Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan, USA.

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“Our findings suggest that hydration may deserve more attention when thinking about addressing obesity on a population level,” Chang added. The findings showed that people who are obese and have a higher body mass index (BMI) are more likely to be inadequately hydrated. On the other hand, people with an inadequate water content in their body are also likely to be obese and have a higher BMI.

Staying hydrated by drinking water and eating more of water-loaded fruits and vegetables can help with weight management, specially in obese individuals. “However, the link between hydration and weight is not clear. Our study further explains this relationship on a population level using an objective measure of hydration,” Chang noted.

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In addition, people with higher BMIs, who are expected to have higher water needs, might also demonstrate behaviours that lead to an inadequate hydration, the researchers noted. For the study, published in the Annals of Family Medicine journal, the team looked at a nationally representative sample of 9528 adults. Roughly a one-third of the adults, who spanned ages 18 to 64, were inadequately hydrated. Therefore, water just might be the new secret to your weight loss goals.

Source: IANS

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