Weight loss occurs during weekdays only, says study

By TNT Bureau

June 7, 2017: In a rather interesting and equally shocking study, it was found that weight loss occurs during weekdays only. Yes, now you can openly blame the stubborn weekends for not being able to lose weight

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Weight loss has always been a major concern for people across the globe. Just look around you, you will definitely spot someone or the other trying to lose weight and hey, you might as well be one of them as you are reading this discussion!

Important details of the study

Are you aware of weight loss cycles on a weekly basis? The new study further says that why we lose weight only on weekends, the answer can be found in the week itself. Also, it was found that most of the people tend to gain weight during weekends.

The research head Brian Wansink from Cornell University said that during the weekends most of the people go out and indulge in non-healthy food items .Some indulging in your weekend may not hamper your weight loss success but, it is significant to take notice of such rhythms and take steps to overturn the upward tendencies once the weekend is over.

For the study, 80 adults belonging to the age group of 25 to 62 were scanned. Here, it was seen that most of the participants lost more weight at weekdays.

The participants were categorized in accordance to relative weight modifications under 3 distinct categories. These were weight maintainers, weight maintainers and weight losers.

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The participants were told to weigh themselves soon after waking up even before eating their breakfast. The main purpose of the study was to scrutinize whether weight variation is reliant on the days of the week. Weekly weight patterns were examined taking into consideration the three categories as mentioned above.

The outcome of the study

The results exposed a clear prototype in weekly weight variation with elevated weight after weekends and declining weight during the weekdays attaining the lowest point on Friday. The investigators revealed dissimilarity between weight gainers and weight losers in such variation patterns.

It was seen that weight losers had stronger recompense pattern. Amongst them, the reduction started straight away after weekend and sustained downward until Friday. On the other hand, the weight gainers had more inconsistency between days and no clear reduction during weekdays.

The study was conducted in partnership with researchers from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Tampere University of Technology.

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