New app that shames you into losing weight

By TNT Bureau

Dec 18, 2017: Carrot Hunger is the latest weight tracking app that shames you into losing weight.  It will call you flabby meat bags and also post awful insults to your Twitter followers if you overeat.

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Based on a similar approach used by a wide variety of weight-loss reality TV shows where they use physical and mental punishment to help you lose weight, this app does for the same but in a technological manner.

What is Carrot Hunger?

It is an amusing weight tracking talking app that will insult, threaten, bribe, encourage, insult and ridicule you to achieve you weight loss goals. It has been designed by loper Brian Mueller and Pennsylvanian Deveinuskt and is priced at a reasonable rate of $2.99.

In spite of the guarantee for weight loss by encouraging you to eat less, the meting out of violent penalties is one of the key highlights of the app. Mueller says that people will have a fear for such brutal punishments and will indeed eat less.

He said that as soon as you engage in overeating Carrot Hunger will give you harsh punishments such as repugnant full screen ads, tweets, bribe requests etc.  All these will insult you and your friends and followers in social media might just make fun of you.

Theoretically, the app is useful. It helps to convert the eaten food items calories and then communicates you as to how much you need to work out or walk in order to shed off those eaten calories.

It will also allow you to scan barcodes of packaged food items to verify its nutritional value so that you consume the correct foods that contain good nutrients as needed by the body.

Carrot Hunger also has an iBeacon which is a transmitter of Apple brand. It aids the smart phones in determining their estimated context which you can put on your fridge. So, if you take out more food from your fridge than what you really want, you will get to hear the sound of an alarm, telling you to stop eating. To be precise, it will yell out, ?get your flabby body moving, meatbag!

Some disagreements and debates

However Dr Jonthon Freeston exercise expert at Sydney University is of the opinion that asking people to exercise by yelling at them can?t be a successful motivator.

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He said to News Corp Australia, ??To be honest, no one likes getting yelled at. Although this may work for a small subsection of the population, there are real problems associated with the assumption that punishing people works.?

Freeston said that exercising is an extremely multifaceted behaviour that consists of 3 factors. These include individual, societal and environmental issues.

Environmental factors can be related to the physical space where you can exercise in a safe and affordable manner. The social factor is extremely crucial as you definitely need some encouraging and positive people around you to support and help you achieve weight loss.

The individual factor is the most important of them all as it is up to you and you know better as to whether you are exercising religiously or not.

Freeston said that people already have sufficient trouble relating to confidence and self-possession, hence such app that renders negative thoughts in the mind isn’t needed.

Dr Laura Hart of Centre for Mental Health said to News Corp Australia, “Research clearly shows that this approach is ineffective and often counterproductive, because body or fat shaming, acts to increase body dissatisfaction. And we know that body dissatisfaction leads to more dieting, less physical exercise, less fruit and vegetable intake, and ultimately, more weight gain.”

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