Welcome healthy and happy 2017 with ayurveda

By TNT Bureau

Jan 30, 2017: An entire new year has just started and you really wish for a healthier and happier you this 2016. Isn?t it? By incorporating ayurveda, the traditional Hindu medicine, you can bring about positive changes in your life in the most natural and systematic manner.

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Ayurveda is focused on natural therapeutic methods of varied diseases through proper diet, rest and workout. It is also engaged in the promotion of holistic wellness via nourishment of a natural way of life.

Be ready to welcome healthy and happy 2016 with ayurveda. All you need to do is to follow these ways as given below. Let?s jump in right away and say hello to new and healthy lifestyle this new year.

Ensure proper rest

Sleep is one of the most important components of rest. Ayurveda focuses on incorporation of natural essences in your bedroom. You can place aromatic soothing herbs in your night wear. This will help you get better sleep and also render peace to your mind.

Consume right foods

You need to consume three good meals on a daily basis. Such meals should be a perfect balance of all the taste like sweet, sour, salty etc. The meals need to be moderately balanced and also include a healthy mix of fruit and vegetables in your daily diet.

Detoxify the body

In order to detoxify your body, you need to take proper rest, eat nutritious foods and go to bed early. Detoxification helps in getting rid of the harmful substances from the body.

Do right amount of exercise

Ayurveda exercise suggests that should exercise only 50% of your body capability which is the element of balance. Hence, you shouldn?t be exercising too little or too much. The perfect balance is essential.

Hydration is another significant part of a healthy exercise regime. In terms of the kind of exercise, anything that confronts your body capability and amplifies your heart rate meets the criteria.

Monitor your stress levels

You need to eliminate distractions and other stuffs that stress you out. If you haven?t been able to sleep properly for a day, it is suggested to sleep extra for the following night. This is helpful in giving good rest to both body and mind.

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Ensure stable mental health

This is one of the main ayurvedic ways where it is suggested to be aware of your surroundings. Also, you need to increase alertness in and around you. You can do so by diffusing the essential oils of lemon, rosemary, peppermint etc.

Ensure good stomach health

This focuses on nutritious balanced diet. When you sit to eat, don?t view the TV or work. You need to stay away from such distractions. It is important that you surround yourself with harmony and calmness while eating.

Ensure good brain health

You need to opt for natural foods instead of processed or ready-to-eat foods. Along with this, it is also suggested to play games such as puzzles, scrabble etc. This helps in enhancing the thinking capacity of your brain.

Alter your lifestyle

This is also extremely important. If you live a worried and hectic lifestyle, you must try to correct it as soon as possible. Go out and enjoy the beauty of nature and also engage your mind in positive thoughts.

Reduce your physical stress

Here, it is required that you undergo a full body oil massage and exercise on a daily basis.

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