World will have more than 1 billion obese by 2025

By TNT Bureau

June 16, 2017: Obesity is griping the world very fast. All efforts by the UN are also failing to make the world free of obese people. UN will fail to meet its target on diet-related disease as the number of people becoming obese or overweight, is increasing fast, and almost 1 billion of the world?s adults will be obese by 2025, analysis shows.

The world will have more than 1 billion obese people by the end of 2025. According to experts, the western style diet should be blamed for this common problem.

Esearchers point out that advertisements of of western style diet like pizzas and burgers that are becoming were attractive force foodies to eat the high calorie and fatty food.

In 2011, World Health Organisation (WHO) was determined to reduce the number of obese in the world after seeing its life-threatening effects. UN also aimed to make the obese count in 2025 less than the obese count in 2010. However, it seems that UN will not be able to meet its goal.

According to reports, 11.5% adults were obese in 2010, which increased to 13% in 2014. It is estimated that more than 17% adults will be obese by 2015.

According to WHO data, about 170 million adults will be obese which means they will have BMI of more than 35 by the next decade. With obesity several diseases are linked like cardiovascular disease, lung disease, etc. Obese people are prone to these diseases.

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