Yoga can cure panic attacks

By TNT Bureau

May 19, 2017: Panic attacks are often described as nervousness that varies from person to person. We all experience panic attacks at some time or the other. But all panic anxieties, however, originate from some source. Some easily become nervous while facing the crowd. For others, anxiety strikes the moment they are put into difficult situations. Panic attacks can be treated, but now panic sufferers are turning to yoga as yoga consists of a wide array of stress reduction methods that help to fight panic attacks in a serene manner. However, before starting on the yoga tools, it is essential to look deeply into the nature and causes of panic attacks.

What is to be done?

Simply lie on your back on the ground. For head support, use a thin cushion. Let your body rest. Close your eyes slowly while breathing in and out. Exhale to release all your tensions and inhale to grasp in new energies. Now, relax your stomach and feel the part expanding while you breathe in and out. Continue this for around 10 minutes. It is suggested that you practice it twice daily. This practice is known as nadi shodhanam or deep breathing relaxation.

The positive results

Once you start incorporating the above yoga exercise in your life, you can achieve positive results that contribute in reducing stress levels.

  1. Strengthening sensitive nerves

Deep breathing relaxation technique not only lowers our breathing but also helps to focus attention on its flow. This practice rinses the subtle vessels through which mental and physical energies pass. When these vessels start to cleanse, energy build up effortlessly and its assimilation within our mind and body are also accelerated to a great extent. All these contribute in reducing tension of the nervous system which makes you feel relaxed and calm.

  1. Gathering mind strength

Besides deep breathing and body, yoga is also focused on emotions, relationships, thoughts and mental images. During practice, it may happen that some upsetting image comes up in the mind. Now what happens is that even though the body is at rest, the breath sends signals of control and poise to the nervous system.  This helps in calming the mind making it stronger for practical world. Hence, when you actually face real life situations, you will begin to handle them in a calm way without signs any signs of worries.

  1. Determining end results of conflicts

As yoga tells us to recognize the problem first rather than jumping into solutions, it is important to put mind conflicts at rest. It is in this regard that deep breathing relaxation comes to the forefront as a guide to resolve conflicts, especially those hampering our mind on a daily basis. When you make it a habit to practice daily, the conflicts start getting categorized and then steadily, you begin to recognize the need for change. Such changes may come in slowly but don?t get frustrated. Have patience and you will surely experience panic-free life.

  1. Finding refuge in your true inner self

Yoga establishes a unique relationship between our mind, body and spirit within an entirely new perspective. Panic attacks arise from attachment to impermanent things. However, the more we become aware of our inner self, the less nervous we become. Yoga acts as a practical tool that helps to create such awareness within us, controlling our minds and pushing it to stay strong during bad times and calming it as when required.

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