Yoga can lead you to healthy eating habits

By TNT Bureau

Dec 6, 2017: Our modern, fast-paced world, with all its technological advancements, has allowed us to live more comfortable lives, but at the same time our busy schedule prompted poor eating habits. Inculcating yoga in your life can bring about healthy eating choices. Have a look at the three ways in which yoga impacts your eating habits.

You become more mindful

As you try to get the poses right and your breath right, you exercise not just your body, but also your mind and attention. This way you become more aware of what is good for you and what’s not, what foods make you feel light and energetic, and what products make you feel crummy.

As soon as you finish an entire bag of chips, you start to feel guilty and bloated.  Such mindfulness helps you to make healthy eating choices. No one knows better than you what diet is best for you, and yoga helps you to hear that voice.

Your are drawn towards healthy habits

As you get into yoga, you start communicating with a lot of new people . You also start reading about yoga and ayurveda, and how particular foods depend on your dosha type and what spices can make you feel better and stay healthier. All this new information will help to change your eating habits.

You do away with bad habits

Addictions are not just about alcohol and cigarettes. People can be addicted to drinking soda, for example, or to indulging themselves in eating lots of chocolate whenever they feel stressed.

Each time you execute a certain action, novel connections are shaped in your brain. This will make you more likely to repeat that action in the future. And that’s how habits appear.

As you start doing yoga more frequently, a whole new pattern in your brain is shaped. In the end, it becomes stronger than patterns responsible for your bad habits and that’s how you get over them.
Practicing yoga brings along a range of healthy habits that help in making your life better, balanced and happy.

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