Yoga can treat children with Autism

By ThinkNaturalToday Bureau

April 9, 2015: On the occasion of the World Austrin Day, experts validated that this neuro-developmental disorder can be tackled by practicing yoga.

People suffering from Autism avoid social interaction, or any kind of communication. Autistic people communicate on a different manner. Children suffering from Autism have the peculiar problem of not using language in their activities and this decreases day by day. Some children are also hyper to a few sounds and others are oversensitive to touch, or get easily upset due to certain actions or situations.

With less mental capability due to the disarrangements of the brain wires, these children communicate very less and like to be isolated.

Many centres for Austistic children have been practicing yoga to treat these kids, and have reported good results. Yoga helps to improve strength, flexibility and breathing among Autistic kids. It also reduces their obsession and aggression and regulates the anxiety and emotion of these kids. It makes the child calm and comfortable. It also helps to control their behavior, to learn new skills, and enjoy social interactions.

A 2012 study?Efficacy of the ‘Get Ready to Learn’ Yoga Program Among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders?found that if Autistic children perform daily yoga, a significant impact is observed in their behavior. The study assessed the challenging behaviors of these kids and concluded that yoga reduces lethargy, irritability, social withdrawal, hyperactivity, etc, in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), and suggested that yoga should be practiced in schools for these children.

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