Yoga enters into Microsoft’s fitness app

By TNT Bureau

May 17, 2017:  Following the teaser posted on the official Instagram account of Xbox fitness Nov 16, 2015. Microsoft has announced new workouts on their fitness app, YO:30, a five part yoga series.

According to official description, YO:30  is believed to bring all the more flexibility, balance, self-awareness and strength within 30 minutes. The yoga sessions will be hosted by Hollywood?s popular yoga instructor, Jake Ferree. This unique series claim to establish a strong connection between mind and body.

The classes are ideally suited for people who have had practiced yoga in the past and are aware of proper yoga postures. Amusingly, Xbox fitness grades users on their ability to stand still in varied poses as against other programs which score on intensity and activities.

Even though Xbox fitness has always shown great potential but it has failed to make a connection. This is mainly due to varied types of issues with Xbox One?s Kinect clearly sensing a user?s body and programs dedicated solely to Xbox fitness that show a surprising disconnect between the workout regime and their actual usage.

YO:30  has come up as a dramatic improvisation over the previous programs. The yoga classes require users to be placed parallel to a television screen for the entire session. The best part is that the Kinect has no trouble in tracking varied yoga postures.

The first class of the yoga series will be free for all Xbox fitness users to play for the month of November. Alternatively, all 5 classes can be bought for a one-off payment. In order to promote the launch, 2 special challenges have been released under Xbox One Challenges.

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