Yoga helps to ease neck pain

By TNT Bureau

June 22, 2017: In this high-stress and rushed world which is filled with varied kinds of pressures, it more than likely for you to feel the burden on your shoulder. Insert in emotional tensions and extended working hours and what you get is nothing but severe neck pain. Chronic neck pain is associated with a number of related illnesses such as headache, jaw pain, and pain searing into the shoulders, arms as well as upper back.

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How does yoga aid in easing neck pain?

Physically, yoga poses help in stretching tight muscles while strengthening weak ones with the aim to teach appropriate alignment. This helps to relieve strain on your neck as well as your shoulders.

In a psychological sense yoga is a powerful stress reliever that supports awareness—a procedure that sheds light on routine stress prototypes and touching reactions that aids you in moving with compassion towards healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand energetically yoga breathing helps to enhance fundamental energies and renews your overall system. Yoga breathing is a simple and effective stress buster.

Majority of us tend to breathe shallowly within our chest. However an appropriate deep breath which is known as or yoga belly breathing or deep diaphragmatic breathing is the built-in relaxation mechanism of your body.

Thus, when you bring air down into the subordinate part of your lungs, it activates a flow of calming physiological alterations: there is reduction in your heart rate, your blood pressure also reduces while your muscles relax and your anxiety gets eased and the mind quiets down.

Top 3 yoga poses to ease neck pain

Mountain pose

This yoga postures helps in teaching the fundamentals of correct alignment.  You need to stand with feet hip width apart and make sure that your weight is evenly distributed on both your feet. Now start lengthening up via the top of your head. Next, relax the shoulders behind away from the ears. Visualize as if there was a light at the core of the chest and glow it forward.

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Shoulder shrugs and circles

These yoga movements help in relaxing the tensions in your neck and shoulder. Start off by breathing in and then shrug the shoulders in an upward manner in the direction of the ears. Next, breathe out while dropping your shoulders down. Now, start making circles with your shoulders in a slow manner and make sure that you do it in both clockwise as well as anticlockwise directions

Supported backbend

This yoga pose helps in stretching your muscles in the front of your chest, shoulders and your neck. You need to place a block beneath a bolster in order to rest your back with this support. Make sure that the knees are bent and your feet are placed on the ground in a firm manner.

It is advisable that you use a blanket for added support, if needed. This will help in maintaining the normal curve in your neck. Permit the arms to open out to the sides and lighten up. Now stretch out the front of the chest and shoulders.

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