Yoga helps to fight bad breath

By TNT Bureau

Aug 7, 2017: For the main part, bad breath results in halitosis. Thus, oral hygiene needs to your main concern. However, medical problems like acidity, gastritis, indigestion, sinusitis and cough also result in bad breath. While chewing mint gums may provide temporary solution to bad breath but this simply cannot aid in treating the problem. This is where yoga comes to the forefront as a savior! Try out the following 4 effective yoga poses that help you fight bad breath.

Simhasana or lion’s pose

Bad breath is frequently a sign of toxicity in the intestine colon caused owing to chronic indigestion. This yoga pose help to release the toxins from the digestive tract and therefore help to eliminate the foul breath. This pose is suitable for all age groups.

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This is a brilliant breathing technique to deal with situations like indigestion and acidity that cause bad breath. Those who suffer from halitosis owing to sinusitis this breathing exercise have a helpful influence on your respiratory tract.

Sheetali pranayama

This yoga asana has cooling effects by cooling the entire body. It also helps in improving the respiratory system while activating your trachea lungs and larynx,. While performing this yoga asana, breathe in through the mouth and breathe out through the nose.

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 Yoga mudra

This helps in expanding the chest and massaging the lungs. Owing to the bending action in this yoga pose, blood from the lower parts  of the body rushes in an upward manner and aids in massaging the bottom portion of the lungs, bronchioles, digestive system, therefore helping heal the fundamental cause of bad breath.

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