Yoga poses that strengthen your feet

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Apr 5, 2017: Yoga has definitely gained a lot of ground over the past few years. This healing method that originated in India has become popular on a global basis and is known to heal a number of physical and mental troubles.

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It is indeed true that yoga is counted as one of the best effective exercise methods across the globe. In this discussion, you will learn about 4 yoga poses that strengthen your feet.

Your feet carry your weight and are indeed one of the important parts of your part. Hence, it is extremely important that you maintain strong and happy feet with the help of yoga.

Virabhadrasana or warrior pose

This yoga pose aids in improving the flexibility and strength of your calf. It has been named after the renowned warrior Virbhadra and is particularly effective for your feet. It is advisable to practice this yoga asana for a minimum of 3 to 4 months and then, you will surely receive desirable results.

You are required to put the right food in front and then slowly start bending your knee. Now, turn the left at a 90 degree angle to the right foot with your palms facing the earth. Stay in this pose for about 40-45 seconds.

Ustrasana or camel pose

This yoga asana is embedded with a lot of benefits. It helps to relieve congestion, improves knee mobility, strengthens the back and so forth. The position of the feet and the effectiveness of this asana have made it one of the ideal  yoga poses for recovering knee pain and curing arthritis, lupus etc.

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You need to get a yoga mat and kneel down on it. Make sure that both your arms rest at the side. Now, start off the torso backwards and carry on bending unless there is some stretch in the back. Aim to hold onto your heels with the help of the hands. However, if this is troublesome, simply keep your hands on the hips. Stay in this pose for about 30 seconds prior to letting go off it.

Your arms should rest at the side. Don?t yank back to initial position because it can hurt your back. Repeat the asana for at least 5 times.

Tadasana or mountain pose

This yoga pose features in approximately every yoga based literature. It is one of the easiest yoga poses which consists of a lot of health benefits including improvement in feet strength.

Start off by standing in an upright position and slowly straighten your knees while keeping your sole flat on the earth. Now, start shifting both your feet closer to each other and make sure that the hells are an inch apart.

You then need to loosen the arms while keeping them by the sides and Set your gaze in a forward position. Stay in this pose for 2 to 3 minutes.

Kapotasana or pigeon pose

This is rightly referred to as complete body workout yoga pose. It aids in improving strength in the feet as well as the upper body. It is particularly good for those who are suffering from problems related to feet. This asana is ideal for toning your thighs and helps loosen tight hip flexors and thighs.

Start off by kneeling down on the ground while keeping your back straight. Now start stretching your right leg behind you. Make sure that you extend your right feet unless your left foot and knee are adjoining to the right hip. Also, make sure that your toes are pointed. Now, start leaning forward while you take in deep breaths. Push the chest in an outward direction and stay in the position for about 30 seconds.

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