Yoga poses to fight common cold

By TNT Bureau

Aug 3, 2017: There are some phases in a year when it becomes very easy to catch a cold. Almost each day someone tends to fall prey to it. Well, there is simply no need to panic at all. You just need to practice some effective yoga poses to fight common cold and you will be just fine.

Even if it’s not a cold and flu season in your nation as of now, it’s always good to be well prepared beforehand.  In this discussion, we’ll give you a list of best asanas for restoring your energy and stimulating your immune system.

It’s not recommended to do yoga or any other exercise when you are ill. Instead, do these asanas to prevent the cold, and to fight some leftover symptoms when you have almost recovered.

Matsyendrasana or fish pose 

This pose opens up your lungs and throat, and this way helps to break up the congestion. Fish Pose also increases the blood flow to the spleen where lymphocytes are produced (blood cells responsible for fighting viruses).

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Sitting right twist

These will help release some tension and detoxify the body. Repeat on both the sides.

Setu Bandhasana or bridge pose 

This asana increases the circulation to the upper torso and facilitates breathing by opening up the chest.

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Uttanasana or standing forward bend 

Standing forward bend will bring energy to the respiratory area and help to clean the sinuses

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